Ashley started hunting possums and goats in his teens using a trusty BSA .22lr. He enjoys the NZ bush and scenery, but likes to take a rifle along. He has hunted Thar, deer goats and pigs and enjoys hunting rabbit, possum and hare whenever he gets the chance.

In one of life’s coincidences an encounter at the gun store with a second hand rifle at the right price started his passion for acquiring interesting rifles both military and sporting. Being a hunter and shooter he wanted to shoot the newly acquired rifles and calibres. Some calibres were not available at the local gun shop, or were too expensive. This led to another interest; reloading. His experience and use of various calibres, as well as the shameless pirating of the advice and knowledge of a wide circle of friends and acquaintances is the basis for his writing.

Ashley is hoping to inspire you to reload and use some less than common calibres!

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