The Wild is based on Cam Slater’s experience in creating New Zealand’s most popular political blog Cam specialises in building traffic, creating an audience and fostering online communities. Simon Lusk provides extensive knowledge of sports equipment marketing, including from his role as Chairman and long time advisor to Laver & Wood Cricket Bats. When not working Simon spends most of his time hunting and fishing, chasing trout, pheasants, quail, ducks, pukekos, rabbits, hares, deer, cats and the odd pigeon.

We Make You Sales

The Wild is only interested in partnering with businesses we provide value to. We are not selling space, and we are not selling “branding” or other advertising mumbo-jumbo. We are helping you make sales using the Internet as a channel.

We expect advertisers to put pressure on us to sell for them, or to stop advertising with us.

Promoting Products & Businesses Online

The Wild aims to build an extensive reach rapidly, providing readily available and rapidly updated information about hunting, fishing, reloading, cooking and videoing outdoor pursuits. We know how to create traffic, we know how to engage audiences, we know how to create online communities and we know how to sell sports gear online, so we expect to be able to provide advertisers value by creating sales for them.


We provide advertisers details on views and reach based on actual measurement not some made up criteria that may or may not be true. We will not try to blag you with rubbish about how many hunters or fishermen there are, we will just give you the actual numbers of people who have seen your advertisements.


If you would like to advertise please contact Cam at [email protected]

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