Bergara .308 – Best in the class

This Bergara BA13 from Reloaders is a single shot, break open (shotgun style), take down rifle ideal for your hunting. Why? Because in just a few seconds the Bergara dis-assembles and fits into your back pack in a bundle a little over 19 inches long. Accuracy?

The Bergara has the weaver type scope rail mounted directly on the barrel. So no matter how many times you take it apart point of impact does not move!

Short, handy and manageable all characteristics of a good hunting work horse, the Bergara has a stainless 16.5 inch barrel and weighs in under 3 kg and best of all is pre threaded for a suppressor with a muzzle-thread of 5/8″-24 UNEF.

Lets talk some more about accuracy. The scope rail is mounted directly on the barrel, this means point of aim does not shift. But what about the barrel? Since 2004, Bergara have a huge reputation in the manufacture of quality, accurate barrels and make many barrels for other rifle makers. Check out the Bergara webpage for the technical insight into barrel making.

The short 16.5 barrel in stainless is stress relieved and honed after being button rifled. It is quality. This Bergara BA13 barrel also has a 1:08 twist making it ideal for those who shoot subsonic!

The barrel accepts a can suppressor and you can screw it onto the barrel and still have a short easy to handle rifle. For the sight a mounted a quick release Aimpoint red dot sight seemed appropriate.

To best simulate hunting conditions the testing was with the highly recommended Federal round which has the excellent 165gr Bear Claw hunting bullet. For knock down power, you will probably be shooting this round when out hunting.

You have a 3kg rifle with a 16.5inch barrel, with can and a round that packs a punch, yet this rifle was easily and comfortably shot by a 13 year old on the range. The Bergara barrel lived up to its accuracy and groups like this three shot were common when sighting in the Aimpoint at 100m

Some more needs to be said about the Aimpoint scope, it was a pleasure to use. It has plenty of flexibility to increase or decrease the brightness of the red dot by using the big friendly buttons on the top of the scope. To adjust the elevation and windage was a straight forward, easy process with the turrets on the front of the scope. If you are a twilight or early morning shooter then consider this red dot for fast, accurate shooting!

Bergara BA13 is an accurate shooter that is compact and ready for a suppressor. It is ideal for subsonic shooters. The integral weaver rail can accept red dot or standard scopes. The rifle is stainless with a plastic stock it is compact – a great option for those that need to fit their rifle in a back pack.

Talk to the team at Reloaders to see this Bergara!

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