The best Gift – One for yourself! Get yourself an easy to use bore sighter!

Now I am a converted. You will be too.

I used to think scope alignment was limited to setting up a rifle and scope package but NO it has much more usefulness in every hunter and shooters kit!

Firstly how does bore sighter work. There are several variations but essentially they are used to align the scope with the bore. Yes, I set up my rifles with a sighting in tool – best not to waste too much expensive ammo getting the scope zeroed.

But the big step for me was the fact that now I could check and recheck my zero with this magnetic bore sighter.

Here is a scenario you don’t want – you zero the rifle put it away, take it out for that hunting trip some time later (and this might involve travel), so you risk a knock or bump that might alter the scope zero …then b$#@@! the deer runs off as your shot misses…

Use this Bushnell device to check your scope alignment, something you can’t easily do with the laser ”bullet” type. Now after you zero your scope on the range – pop the Bushnell magnetic tool on the end of your barrel, spy through the scope align the tool for vertical and horizontal with the scope reticle and mark the grid square on paper that the cross hair falls on. Record this for the rifle and load and BINGO! Every time you take that rifle out a 5 second check and you know 100% the scope is aligned, the zero unchanged. Shoot and hunt with confidence.

Other big advantages is the size and the fact that it does not need any batteries, working with ambient light only and no barrel spuds or arbors (so no chance of muzzle or rifling damage). The small compact size means you can take it anywhere. Best of all I love the fact it is magnetic. This means that the home for the Bushnell bore sighter is magnetically stuck to the outside of my gun safe.

A great product that is used over and over. Get something for yourself that works and gives you the confidence of knowing your riflescope has held the zero!

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