Brothers in Arms: Miroku and Browning under & over shotguns

Miroku quality with a history of performance: Miroku brand under and over shotguns.  How is Miroku related to Browning? Miroku is the brother brand of Browning in New Zealand.

The Miroku action was designed by John Moses Browning, one of the most successful firearms designers. This was the last design he completed – for the under and over shotguns, called the superposed design. Critics have labelled it one of the most elegant of all his designs.

Technically excellent, these shotguns (Browning and Miroku) are manufactured in Japan, in the case of Browning it is assembled in Portugal, whereas Miroku is 100% Japanese made.

The reputation of this proven design is high amongst shooters and a Miroku gun is something that will last, standing the test of time. This is the kind of longevity that makes you want to buy one of the higher grades of Miroku which feature beautiful woodwork and more detailed engraving.

Miroku delivers a whole lot of gun right into the sporting (or trap) shooters hands. Make sure you ask for the Sporter variation if you are a duck or pheasant hunter, as the Trap version has a different design of butt stock.

With the Miroku MK70 Sporter you get the top class Browning integrated locking system, a selector for barrels and the Invector Plus choke system. Miroku has a 3 inch chamber with Invector Plus chokes and overbored barrels which is an innovation making the barrel bore ever so slightly bigger to improve performance. The barrel length can be either 28 or 30 to suit your particular needs

There is an option of a Miroku model in 20 Gauge with a very important difference – the frame is actually smaller(unlike some competitors). This means that it is not simply a 12G frame with 20G barrels as with other guns. The Miroku has a special 20G monobloc and narrower frame than a 12G resulting in a lighter, easier to hold gun deal for teens, ladies and blokes with stuffed shoulders!

When you are thinking about a gun that will suit ducks or pheasants then go for Miroku. The Miroku MK70 Sporter is jam packed with features and quality that you can seen in the fit of the metal work and wood work. If you shoot trap then Miroku have a gun especially for you too!

At Reloaders you get real world experience with shotguns, so it is worth your while to phone or call in to discuss your options with the knowledgeable team.

At a Glance your Miroku MK70 Sporter:

– Legendary design and quality

– Made to last

– Quality, quality, quality

– Interchoked with 3”chamber

– Options as a Sporter, Game Gun, Trap Gun & Ladies option

For those that want something a little special!

Miroku also have higher grade shotguns for your shooting pleasure:

Miroku MK60 Grade 5 High Pheasant Sporter 20ga 32″ barrel

Miroku MK70 Game Grade 5 20ga and 28 ga cased

Miroku Mk10 Sporter Deluxe 12ga (Review coming soon)

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