Christmas Gifts for the kids – and all shooters!

The Christmas rush is upon us and Reloaders have the answer for that elusive Christmas gift.

There is lots to be said about outdoor activity and plinking with a .22 or air rifle is great fun with the kids or some friends.

Check out these great gifts from Reloaders. They are great gift ideas for the kids! To be honest they are great fun for all shooters!

The first is the rotating target so that you have two choices big or small target and you get instant feedback as the target moves or spins when you hit it.  This is a multi-use target, self-setting and self-scoring (movement=hit) and in the long term inexpensive. Best of all it is continuous action as all shooters can shoot one after the other and get instant feedback instead of trudging up to a paper target. Buy this target now from Reloaders.

The orange Prairie Dog Flipper is also a great target for loads of plinking fun, this requires a little more space than the spinning target above but it is worth it!

You get a heavy gauge steel target that has 4 arms in the shape of Prairie dogs so that one of the arms is always upright in a design as old as the ancient Roman caltrop spikes which were deployed against horses, elephants and camels!

Back to the fun!  You can use this Flippin target with .22 rifles or air rifles.  The Flippin target moves when you hit it and it can “walk” away from you with each hit – this adds to the challenge and in a suitable area the target gets progressively further away and harder to hit. This is a great game for everyone and kids especially love it. It helps too, that the kids can help put it together (with a little help from and adult with a spanner).

Buy it now and don’t miss out as stock will run short once this great gift is “discovered”.

You can set shooting targets up with a suitable backstop (the projectile should not leave your property) and make sure that you follow the rules of the arms code as safety is a priority, especially with kids! TIP: Set up the target at a range that ensures safety (think ricochets) and a reasonable chance of hitting it – you can always start close because nothing succeeds like success. TIP: With kids supervise closely and make sure only one person is shooting at once.

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