Give the gift of shooting – Get your kids into the Outdoors and a FREEBIE for The Wild readers

All too often you could find my kids hunched over the tablet or iphone watching some rubbish on youtube or texting or facetiming,  or whatever.

If I had a cent for every time I said “Get outside, its fine weather go and play outside the sun is shining…”

Sound familiar? But now outdoors is fun…

Yes, something has changed, by chance I introduced the kids to .22 shooting with my new Norinco. Sure the target was close but the enthusiasm when they hit the “bullseye” was infectious. And this is the 22 package that got the kids outside – a Norinco 22, plastic stock, with scope and silencer and importantly a 15inch barrel.

ASK for the FREE box of 22 ammo courtesy of The Wild  when you buy this package.

The short barrel is important as it makes the rifle very easy for my nine year old daughter to handle and my twelve year old son can easily stand while shooting the Flippin Critter Prairie dogs.

Best of all it was easy to instruct them how to be safe (introduce them to the Arms Code) as well as the basics of loading the 5 shot magazine and operating the rifle. I have some pictures here when I was training the kids how to hold the rifle comfortably. Best done before shooting with an unloaded rifle and you can easily do this in your back yard before you get to the range or out to the paddock to shoot.

TIP: Make or take a rest for the rifle so that the moment that they start shooting they can get the taste of success hitting the target.

What happened next? My nine year old daughter had a fun afternoon shooting and success came in the form of hitting the bullseye. She was very enthusiastic and kept her first target as well as the cases from the 22’s she shot!

My son found he could manage the rifle with the silencer on the 15’ barrel and practiced shooting while standing as he is very keen to come out and shoot some rabbits on the farm.

The day ended with the kids pestering me for another time that they could come out with me and shoot. I mentioned that they might like to come to the range and get introduced to the structure and range safety while shooting at a 25m target and the enthusiasm for this new experience (for them) was really encouraging. So now shooting some rabbits or possums is a much more family affair.

Get a great gift for you and the kids. Get the Norinco.

ASK for the FREE box of 22 ammo courtesy of The Wild  when you buy this package.

Get outdoors enjoying yourselves, whether it be walking around on pest patrol or down at the range, kids enjoy shooting and like participating in our chosen sport.  Forget the tablets and iphones they are now the third choice activity that they really should be.

TIP: Make sure you are shooting in a safe area, with a safe backstop (the projectile should not leave the property) follow the Arms code AND wear ear muffs!

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