How to quickly refurbish your duck decoys to premium level photo realistic duck decoys

Look at your current decoys, are they old favourites but with chipped or worn paint? Would any sensible duck look twice, let alone come in to land? Do you have old decoys in the garage that don’t look the part?

What can you do? Paint? Buy new decoys? Not anymore.

Reloaders brings you Fowl Factory Mallard Skins. Yes they are skins – decoy skins.  Now you can quickly and simply refurb the decoys you already own – even the old ones.

Cheap, fast, effectively refurbish your tired old decoys with Fowl Factory Mallard skin. A simple three step process is all you need to follow to make your decoys look so good they will improve your bag.

  1. Measure your decoys length
  2. Go to Reloaders and buy Fowl factory Skins – six in each pack
  3. Pull the new Mallard Skin over your decoy, like pulling a tight lycra top over the decoy
  4. Shoot!

Your new decoy skin is printed with no fade and importantly no shine material.   The result is photo quality similarity of a mallard as Fowl Factory Skins use real images from real birds.

For the tech inclined the UV signature of the skin top is very similar to a real duck. These skins shed mud and water much like a real duck would. Gone are the days of muddy decoys out from your Maimai.

Get the best results, get your decoy fleet up to a premium level of realism that will pay big dividends. Best of all you can use your current decoys or the old ones lurking at the back of the garage.

Shelve the frustration of ducks flying by when you are out shooting.

Now let Reloaders get your decoys so realistic you’ll have to keep them caged in the off-season!

Photo realistic decoy upgrade checklist:

Measure your decoys

Yes – you can use Mallard Skins on old decoys where the paint has worn

Yes – you can use them on your current decoys (even with good paint)

Easy and quick to do – just pull on skin over your decoy (18 mins to upgrade 6 decoys)

Easy to change skin to another decoy

Robust – no fade/scratch technology

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