It’s an Oscar3!

I copped all the blank looks from my friend.

He had not heard of this cool optic.

Let me give you a typical hunting situation. When you are glassing or scanning for game, do you notice the “shakes” or “wobbles”?

Sometimes, especially in the wind or at higher power “the shakes” become so distracting that seeing elusive game, in ground cover, at distance is very difficult. You have to add more gear, more weight and more hassle with a monopod for your optics.

Free yourself and improve your glassing success. Get technology to the rescue with the Oscar3.

Oscar3 has got a cool image stabilizer. Oscar3 has got great lenses (up to 20x magnification), a BAK4 prism system, waterproof and it fits in your hand.

The low dispersion, fully multi-coated glass with BAK4 prism provides you with the maximum in colour clarity and image brightness creating crisp resolution and image contrast.

Best of all is the cool image stabilizer!

This means that when you are glassing for game at 20x “the shakes” are minimized and you can concentrate on seeing what you came to find!

Check it out on this video from the manufacturer which explains how it all works:

If you are want one of these cool mini spotting scopes with its gyro stabilised image then pop in and see the guys at Reloaders Supplies, they know exactly what they are about and be sure to tell them you saw this on The Wild.

Did I mention Oscar3’s size?

Yes! Size does matter – so you can swap those bino’s for a convenient hi-power spotting scope in a nice belt pouch.

Oscar3 certainly packs a punch for its small size with clear optics, great magnification and a clear stable image.  Now my friend wants one as well!

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