Mine is thirty inches long and 12 bore

That’s right feast your eyes on this beauty, it’s something even lefties will love!

It is the raw tactical look of the KelTec KSG 12 gauge pump action shotgun and at 30 inches long it’s a very handy package.

Impressive 12 shot (or 8 with 3inch) magazine. The magazine is set up with two user selectable tube magazines. What does this mean? Duck loads in one tube, goose loads in the other? You choose. You can switch to whatever load you need. No Chokes to worry about so steel shot is fine – the KSG has a straight cylinder bored barrel.

Best of all the ejection system is straight down, at the shoulder- great for all you lefties – but ladies make sure your cleavage is covered when you are out shooting!

Its compact and at 3.3 kilo (unloaded) it certainly is easy to handle. A useful weaver type rail is on the top and bottom so you can add accessories like a torch or red dot sight ideal for possum or rabbit shooting with buckshot in one tube and number 3’s in the other!

Go into Reloaders now they are on the shelf, have a look and see if you are up for thirty inches of 12 gauge.

Summary:  The KSG™ is no ordinary pump action shotgun.

Weight 3.3kg, length 30 inches, Price $2,099

Dual tube magazines hold eight 3 inch, 12 gauge shells (plus one in the chamber)

Patented downward ejection system makes it truly ambidextrous

You can’t go past a couple of videos on this shotgun from Youtuber hickok45:


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