Mythbusting: Ruger American Rifle in 7.62x39mm

Myth 1: The 7.62x39mm Russian in not an accurate cartridge

Myth 2: 7.62x39mm rifles are not that accurate

Just how good the new Ruger American Ranch rifle in 7.62x39mm?  Ruger busts the myths around 7.62x39mm with its performance.

At first sight the Ruger is a handy little package with an integral weaver rail and a short (16inch) heavy barrel that is factory threaded for a suppressor.

A very nice plus, putting the Ruger above the competition, is the ability for this 7.62×39 to fit the 10 or 20 round Ruger Mini 30 magazines. Is there another bolt rifle that has a 20 shot capability that is ideal for goats and deer? In 7.62×39 bolt action? The answer is only Ruger American.

Look carefully at the rifles accuracy set up. You can see before you shoot how three vital ingredients work together for accuracy. The heavy hammer forged barrel, plus Ruger’s Power bedding system that free floats the barrel, plus Ruger’s Marksman adjustable trigger.

That is a lot of pluses for a short handy little rifle but will it deliver on the range?

Given the rifle set up, there is only one box of ammo considered: Hornady Black in 7.62x39mm with 123Grain SST projectiles.

And to top it off the new Leupold Freedom 3-9x40mm, both the ammo and the Leupold are at everyday low prices at Reloaders

Off to the 100m range with an extra purchase of the 20 shot Ruger Mini 30 mag and the first thing you get is positive comments from fellow shooters. It is hard to ignore a package this cool.

The Leupold Freedom is quick and easy to zero and using the Hornady Black ammo ensures accuracy. Looking at the Hornady ballistics this round is something that will deal to Red deer out past 100m so it is worthwhile to put a decent Leupold on the Ruger. I have seen a fully grown Red hind dropped with one shot through the chest at 100 with this 7.62mm round.

Ruger scores again with comfort and ease of use. The Marksman trigger is easy to use and provides great feedback to the shooter. The bolt throw at 70degrees means that it is easy and quick to reload. Butt and there is always a butt, this butt provides a comfortable nonslip contact with the shoulder with noticeably mild recoil – my 13 year old loves shooting this!

The fore end of the ergonomic stock is top notch design and facilitates shooting with a comfortable and easy grip.

Results on paper are what matter and the Ruger American delivered in spades.

Three different shooters (yes, you will have to beat them off with a stick at the range) all got inch (approx.) groups at 100 despite the three or five shots being the first shots they had fired through the Ruger American Ranch rifle. Ruger easily delivers on its promise of minute of angle accuracy.

Lightweight, easy to use, accurate with a versatile cartridge I have added the Ruger American to my gun safe – you will too.  Get it from the knowledgeable folks at Reloaders, they will look after you.

Quick Facts for Ruger American 7.63x39mm Russian from Reloaders

– Accuracy package with heavy barrel, Bedding and Marksman trigger (and suppressor threaded)

– Pay the extra for a Mini 30 20 round magazine – ideal for mobs of goats

– Comfortable and handy with ergonomic stock and 16 inch barrel

– Integral weaver type rail

– Easy to use safety

For those that like it BIG, check out the Ruger American in 450 Bushmaster -250 grains of awesome.

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