Any old ammo? How to safely dispose of your old ammunition

A quick look through my ammo lock up revealed all this old ammo and primers. Some of this ammo has been hanging around for many years as I have moved from one calibre to another or picked up packets of ammo at auction that I did not really want.

Many of us have bits and pieces of old ammo hanging round that needs getting rid of but the difficulty is where to take it or what to do with it.

Some of this old ammo may in fact be dangerous to shoot as is the case with the CAC High Flyer shotgun rounds. Check out the picture then your ammo lock up to see if you have any of this.

Some of your other shotgun ammo you have may have kicked around for a few seasons in your belt and be rusted or corroded and this may get jammed in your gun.

Ammunition from .22 can get corroded or dented and the same applies to centre fire ammo. You would not want to risk that shot on that stag with a corroded old round!

Reloaders have the answer a free Ammunition Drop.

Come into Reloaders and drop off your old ammo, primers, or powder! While you are there check out the range and everyday low prices of new ammo, projectiles, primers and powder!

There is no charge and the ammo and powder will be safely disposed of with the help of the experts of Auckland Branch of Antique Arms.

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