Your personal preferences makes it your shotgun

If you are thinking about buying a nice shotgun, think about this question:

When you buy a something like a car how do you personalise it?

Colour? Tow bar? Leather? Roof racks? Tinted windows? Bulbar, Ute tray liner or canopy?

The choices seem endless and we all like something individual.  We are a long way away from the days of “any colour as long as it’s Black”. So, one of the pleasures in buying a car is making it yours.

Yet when we buy a gun, we just choose off the rack. Perhaps this is because we have in our minds a personalised gun is unattainable because of the cost.

Not any more! You can get an personalised gun, customized for you from Perazzi.

Make it yours! Perazzi offer an amazing range and service to get you on the road to customizing a gun for your shooting pleasure.

Don’t settle for off the shelf. When you want a special gun personalise it for your shooting style.

Ask yourself these questions before you buy:

-Can I choose my Barrel Length from 23” to 36”?

-Can I choose my Top Rib for my Barrel?

-Can I choose my Side Ribs for my Barrel?

-Can I choose my Choke Sizes?

-Can I choose any model gun with any of my Barrel choices?

-Can I personalise my gun to my taste and shooting style on any model I choose?

-Can I get back up Technical Servicing in NZ after I buy my new gun?

“Yes you can!”

This is the answer with Perazzi guns to all of these questions.  Best of all it won’t cost you the earth!

“My Perazzi is made for me and brings a smile to my face every time”

Perazzi owners can get what they want and the price is starts at a very reasonable figure of $10,999

“I like lovely things and my Perazzi is a handmade work of art personalised by me”

In New Zealand, the Perazzi gunsmith is here regularly and it is a simple matter for him to give your gun the once over and any advice you need. If you have a problem, Perazzi will go out of their way to fix it.

For those that shoot competitively it is about taking all the variables out of the equation and delivering a consistent performance “good gun, good ammo, good glasses” and a Perazzi ticks all the boxes for a competition gun.

“One thing another gun can’t do is feel like a Perazzi when you shoot it”

When we look for a new gun, we often talk to current owners for their feedback. Perazzi owners are a very diverse group from weekend shooter to competition shooters to investment grade collectors, all share a love of shooting and are one of the most satisfied groups of shooters. Owners have something personalised and handmade so guns are treasured.

For the new owner the lure of personalisation for a reasonable price means so much more.  Your contact for Perazzi shotguns is Scott at Reloaders Supplies.

“My Perazzi is personal – I had a picture of my gun dogs engraved on it and it looks fantastic”


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