Primers + a tin + duct tape = KABOOM

Ashley and I went for a little goat and fallow hunt last weekend. More that in coming posts.

We were also testing a theory to assist with the disposal of some primers one of our suppliers needs to get rid of. There are issues with the batches apparently.

Blowing things up is might good fun, but also seriously dangerous…so we didn’t want to build too big a boom.

The first thing we did was pack 5000 primers into a Watties tin.


The biggest hassle was tipping them out of their trays. Then pouring them into the Watties puree tin:

Then with the application of copious amounts of duct tape the tin was sealed and placed at a safe distance…then shot with my Tikka .308:

It turns out we were a little bit too close to the action…just as well we all had hearing and eye protection on.

This is the hole where the can was sitting:

Now we have perfected the method we are working on a special treat for readers. We are just sourcing a super slo-mo camera, all the better to film explosions with.

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