REVIEW: Bushnell Engage 4-16 x44mm

Reviewing The Bushnell Engage scope with a Deploy Reticle was done on a sunny day at the range.

How many shots would it take to be zeroed on paper at 100m?

I decided to fit the scope to my favourite rifle a Mauser actioned .308 with a heavy Konigsberg Norwegian hammer forged .308 sniper barrel. In a nutshell it’s an accurate rifle.

Fitting the scope to the rifle was straight forward although you need to be aware this Bushnell Engage has a 44 mmm objective (great for light gathering) and a tube that is 30mm so you need the correct rings (think height above the barrel and 30mm tube). Ask at Reloaders to get the ones that fit it to your weaver rail.

Once on the 100m range – how easy was the scope to zero?

First the scope focus was adjusted to make sure the reticle or cross hair were sharp for my vision.  I shoot without my glasses I was thankful this scope had an easy focus adjustment and it was no problem to get the reticle in clear focus for shooting.  The adjustment for parallax, with the third turret on the scope, was also very easy – from 20m up to infinity with graduations at 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300 & 500m – once parallax was adjusted for 100m the target and reticle was in perfect focus.

Now, time to bore sight the rifle.

Visual bore sighting is a little more difficult than relying on the handy bore sighter from Reloaders: looking at the scope on target, then through the bore to see what area the barrel pointed at, then adjusting the turrets so when looking through the scope the barrel was pointed in the same area.

Usually if the turrets move the reticle by regular MOA adjustments with each “click” then it’s no problem.  We have all experienced those cheap scopes that cause problems jumping all over the place.

The Bushnell Engage was beautifully behaved the reticle moved evenly and predictably with each click of the turret. The turrets were very easy to use and clearly importantly clearly marked with MOA adjustments that actually mean something (more on that later).

First shot after bore sighting was on paper and from then on it was an even and predictable trail of shots to get the scope sighted in perfectly.

The adjustment turrets were a joy to use and a simple push to lock system ensured security of your zero.

Now here are the gritty details – the small things that make you want to buy Bushnell.

Of course, we take it as read that the scope ins waterproof!

Firstly, the EXO lens protector: Wow! This has to be the number 1 things shooter look for in NZ. No more rain stopping you seeing. In fact the EXO barrier coating is the reason to buy Bushnell. On those rainy, misty cold days you don’t get droplets, fog or haze covering your objective ruining the shot! EXO is a barrier that creates an extra slick coating on the outside lenses and lasts for the life of the scope. Muck, fingerprints, water all just slide right off!

Secondly, the optics: 44m objective, large 30mm aircraft aluminium tube with fully multi coated optics mean a whopping 90% light transmission, in a nutshell its clear and easy to shoot.

Thirdly, the guarantee: Bushnell has the “Ironclad warranty” – for the life of the scope

Fourthly, the turrets: MOA adjustments on the turrets take the guesswork out of adjusting for long range shots AND once you have your rifle zeroed, a neat feature, is simply unscrew the top, reset the turrets to read “0” so you can easily return to your original zero.

It took just 8 shots to zero the rifle and one more to confirm zero making a total of nine.  With the Bushnell Engage your rifle (eg .308) can be easily zeroed for 100m.  Best of all you have the confidence and simple adjustment for longer ranges eg. shots at 200m to move the turret 1 MOA and for 300m shots move the turret 2MOA!

Summary: Bushnell Engage scope is great optics package with special EXO barriers, easy to adjust MOA turrets with side parallax focus with a multipurpose Deploy reticle – great for hunters or target shooters.

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