The BRNO model 2 now has a modern son – the CZ 455

Your heritage 22, the first stainless CZ 22, the 455 American Stainless is available now from Reloaders. The CZ455 has the proven heritage of the BRNO model 1 (first produced in 1947) and the BRNO model 2 (first produced in 1954).

With these famous genes, the CZ455 is engineered out of stainless and designed to be a hardy, long-lived rifle with hammer forged barrel and billet machined receiver, that can be passed down through the generations.

The cool thing about this rifle is the look and the finish. The rifle looks very cool in the special coloured synthetic stock which marries well with a matt stainless finish and the bolt looks very cool – hardwearing black nitride coated.

Flawless function is what you get with this hardy and handy .22 with ability to swap barrels!  You can swap over the barrel which gives you unparalleled flexibility in a your .22.  Now with your CZ455 your choice is either: 17HMR or .22 long rifle or .22 magnum, or all three!

Best thing of all is the rifle is a little honey to use, the magazine is easy to fit in the mag well and easy to take out. The bolt is a joy and the nitride coating means it smoothly cycles, without that ‘gritty’ feel you often get with stainless.

Tack driver, dead-on accuracy is what CZ is known for. The CZ455 delivers on this promise in spades. A free floated stainless barrel and a nicely adjustable trigger. It’s such and nice trigger there is no take-up, no creep, you just lightly squeeze and it breaks. It’s smooth, with a crisp break.

Contributing to the accuracy is the fact that this rifle is solid – the receiver walls are thicker than the competitors and the barrel seating can be torqued up for the fussy.

Straight out of the box the rifle delivers accuracy and the double extractors will always pull that case out.

The CZ455 pedigree is one of craftsmanship, good value and hard wearing

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