Tip for surviving post Christmas – Step into a Vortex!

Yes the force may be with you, and if the excitement of your Christmas presents eg. socks and undies (or similar) has faded then be that last Jedi and step into the First Focal plane world of Vortex.

Three things to say about Vortex Quality

  1. Optical Quality, dense optical glass shaped and polished eliminating flaws to give sharper, brighter and more colourful images
  2. Build Quality, from aircraft aluminium tube through to sophisticated design and strict tolerances, you may pay more but it pays to have this reliability in the bush
  3. Quality attention to details, whether it be design, testing or scrutinising – you can be sure every part of your Vortex has been exhaustively tested

The PST 5258 is like a light saber for long range shooters.

PST means precision shooting tactical and that is what you get with this amazing scope.

When you are all the way up at 25 times the reticle provides handy Constant First Focal Plane graduations for drop and allows you certainty out at the 800+m distance. The force will be with you in your move from Second to the First Focal plane.

Stepping into a Vortex means you lift yourself from your Second Focal plane scopes to First Focal plane Vortex scopes – rapidly gaining popularity – the First Focal plane reticles grow or shrink with magnification meaning you can use reticle markings that stay constant at whatever magnification allowing you to judge correct holdover point at that range:

Seeing Vortex is believing and Reloaders is open this holiday break for you to see (see details on website).

Tell the family you are off to Star Wars and use the Force and Vortex to move to the First Focal plane at Reloaders. Because when you can see so far, so accurately, you are in fact, seeing into the future!

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