American Social Justice Bully attacks The Wild over the Morgan Score

An American social justice bully, Nina Hauptman Jackel, has started a petition against The Wild and our promotion of the The Morgan Score.

This is what she says:

In a shockingly callous display of cruelty, a New Zealand resident has started a hunting contest that rewards participants for killing cats. This sick individual has even created a video of dead cats being measured for points.

The so-called Morgan Score web page bills itself as the “first trophy scoring system for Wild Cats [sic],” and justifies the wanton killing of these animals by describing them as “a destructive menace in the New Zealand outdoors.” While New Zealand should indeed take humane steps to control the feral cat population, this is nothing more than bloodlust, thinly masked as environmentalism.

Rewarding the public for shooting down cats is not only cruel, but poses a danger to the entire community. Furthermore, it is often impossible to discern a “wild” cat from a human’s companion animal who happens to be outside. Both people and pets are at risk of being shot.

Sign this petition urging the government of New Zealand to shut down the Morgan Score website — which directly incites cruelty and violence — and ensure that this horrifying contest is stopped for good.

She obviously has no idea who or what me and Simon Lusk are about. If they think a bunch of pussy loving weirdos having a petition are going to deter us from shooting feral cats they’ve got another thing coming.

In fact, I will pledge that for every person who signs the petition, we’ll kill two cats.

Just to understand how weird this Seppo busy-body is this is what she stated at

In 2013, I founded Lady Freethinker, a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) media organization with the mission of achieving social justice – for every species.

Yeah, right, whatever.

Her fruitloop readers are busily signing the petition and leaving comments like these without a shred of self awareness or irony:

Glad Michelle won’t be coming here, we don’t need harping Seppos telling us that we can’t kill feral cats.

For what? 

You do know we have guns right?

So killing cats is bad, but killing humans is just fine if you don’t agree with them?

We are doing that…every cat dies quickly.

Killing cats humanely is bad, but a hot poker in the eyes for humans is ok if you don’t agree with them?

We will just shoot the rats too. Poison works a treat on them as well.

I doubt it somehow.

Give it a crack and see how you get on. You do know we have guns right?

Fortunately there are bowls and bags for your particular stomach affliction.

Shooting cats is cruel, but stoning people you don’t agree with is perfectly fine? 

I doubt that Debs.

Brilliant, holiday elsewhere you virtue-signalling, hand-wringing pussy lover.

We are committed to removing feral pest from New Zealand, especially cats. This bunch of weirdos won’t stop us.

I’d like to thanks them for more exposure and publicity and making this viral. They are doing their part, as the more signatures they get the more cats we will kill.


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