Morgan Score: Feral cat scored at Totara North

A reader has sent in this video of his entry for the Morgan Score:

I shot the cat on our rural property in Totara North in the Far North, it’s the fifth cat I’ve shot in the last 12 months but first one we have measured, had a much bigger ginger tom six months ago, I shot it with my trusty Norinco JW15 22, it had been killing our chickens and wouldn’t go in a trap.

Good stuff. Feral cats are a real menace, especially when they are taking stock or native wild life.

The rifle he used can be bought at Reloaders. It is the Norinco JW12 .22.

Nose to Tail Length: 81cm
Tail Length: 30cm
Girth: 35cm
Tom Cat Bonus: 10cm
81cm + 30cm + 35cm + 10cm  156cm

The cat weighed 3.96kg

Well done.

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