That’s not a cat, this is a cat!!

A reader submission for entry in the Morgan Score competition.


We are currently working on a planting project, planting 15,000 native plants next to a fabulous piece of native beach forest miles from any houses.

We have been trapping possums out of the beech forest as an aside to our planting job.

This is something that my two workmates and I have really enjoyed doing.

Last week we noticed that something was cleaning up our fur plucked possum carcasses. We started finding a few that looked like this:

Then we discovered one that looked like this….

The surgical nature of the cut through the skin suggested it was a feral cat. As we don’t have a fabulous “flat shooting cat gun with a Harris bipod and big scope for night shooting” we did the best we could!!
We set up two cat traps, one was a Steve Allen Feral Cat kill trap and one was a trusty old cage trap both baited up with rabbit:

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It was the Cage trap that got him and man did it make our day!

This thing was an absolute BEAST, solid, packed full of muscles and a frickin massive head!! Nose to tail measured 94cm

The Tail Measured 30cm. The girth was a 49cm and a bonus 10 points for a set of nuts !!!

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TOTAL MORGAN SCORE. 94 + 30 + 49 + 10 = 183

It was such a heavy beast that we couldn’t resist getting an official weight even thought this wasn’t required for a Morgan score… It came in at a whopping 6.5 KG’s or 14lbs:

So we are really keen on winning the perfect cat gun prize from Reloaders and if we do win it you guys can be sure that it will get plenty of use. We are out spotlighting most weekends in the search of possums, rabbits and hares etc. We have so far seen a few cats at night and have been lucky enough to catch up with one with the .22 and now have caught a total of 8 in cage traps. This was by far the biggest any of us have ever seen!!!

Cheers Fellas!
Go get them Pussy’s!


What a fantastic entry, a clear leader and one that may well be hard to beat.

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