Lifetime firearms ban on hunters who kill other hunters?

Every year there are deaths from hunters killing other hunters during the roar. Most of us have had legitimate fears about some dickhead shooting us because he hasn’t identified his target.

Cam argues for prison for hunters that don’t identify their target and kill someone. I think there are arguments for imprisonment and for home detention, especially when considering the cost of keeping someone in prison.

I favour a lifetime ban on any firearms use for anyone who has shot another hunter. No path back to a license. No rights to use guns under supervision. If a hunter is so careless that they shoot another hunter they are not fit to use guns, and I do not want to be in the bush with them. I can not think of a single good reason to allow them to shoot again after they have so unequivocally demonstrated they do not practice the basic rules of hunting.

This should be the law. It should be legislated so there is no discretion and no seeking favours from arms officers. There should be no exceptions and no second chances. After all, the dead hunter who was shot by an idiot who did not identify their target does not get a second chance.

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