Welcome to The Wild.

We’ll help you be a better hunter and catch more fish than your mates.

The Wild sets out to be a practical site that explains in very simple terms how to be better in the field. It explains why we use the gear we do, how we use and where possible, why it works.

This is not a boast site where we attempt to tell you how great we are in the field. It is an honest appraisal of the gear, tactics and strategy we use in the field, and the thought processes behind being successful. There is a philosophical element to everything we will write about, usually based around getting the best results for the effort we put in.

Readers should think carefully about how they can incorporate the gear, technique and strategy into their own outdoor pursuits. We suggest that you think critically about how you can incorporate what we do into what you do in the field, rather than copy what we are doing exactly.

Join us and enjoy the best information and membership specials as we grow the site in to New Zealand’s premier hunting and fishing website.


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